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Cameron Highlands

Malaysia is a country rich in culture and gastronomy. It surrounded by nature, paradisiacal beaches, mountains, jungles and in the case of Cameron Highlands, tea fields.

If you visit Cameron Highlands you can explore the mangroves or enjoy the afternoon drinking a cup of tea accompanied by a scone with cream.

It is located 1,500 meters above sea level and therefore its climate is very mild, between 10℃ and 24℃ .

This place owes its name to the Englishman William Cameron, a British explorer that discovered this place in 1885 and decided to start with the tea cultivation.

Although tea is originally from South China, today Malaysia is one of the largest tea producers in the world, ranking 24 worldwide.

The picturesque little town where I stayed using Airbnb was Tanah Rata, small and with few restaurants, the local bus trip from Ipoh lasts about two and a half hours and the road has more curves than a race track.


Malasia es un país rico en cultura y gastronomía, se encuentra rodeada de naturaleza, playas paradisíacas, montañas, selvas y en el caso de Cameron Highlands, campos de té.

Si visitas Cameron Highlands puedes explorar los manglares o disfrutar de una tarde bebiendo una rica taza de té acompañada de un scone con crema.

Se encuentra a 1,500 metros sobre el nivel del mar y por eso su clima es muy suave, entre los 10℃ y24℃ .

El lugar debe su nombre al ingles William Cameron un explorador Británico que descubrió éste lugar en 1885 y decidió comenzar con la cultivación de te. Aunque el te es originario del Sur de China, hoy en día Malasia es uno de los mas grandes productores de te en el mundo, situándose en el numero 24 a nivel mundial.

El pueblito pintoresco donde nos alojamos usando Airbnb fue Tanah Rata, es pequeño y con pocos restaurantes, el viaje en bus local desde Ipoh dura unas dos horas y media y el camino está lleno de curvas.

Cameron Highlands tea fields, Malaysia.

Cameron Highlands tea fields, Malaysia.

The view from my Airbnb accommodation.

And after a long trip, I can finally contemplate the landscape of Cameron Highlands from my accommodation.

Lost in a green carpet of tea plantations.

Cameron Highlands surprised me with its mangrove forests and crops of vegetables and fruits. Its temperature never surpasses the 24°c degrees, for that reason it attracts the local tourism, Malaysians come here escaping the heat.⠀

The tea fields are so beautiful.

Cameron Highlands tea fields, Malaysia.
After visiting the mangrove forests and even seeing carnivorous plants, we stopped here for a well-deserved cup of tea, don’t you think that Sungai Palas Tea House has a spectacular view?⠀

Workers cutting and collecting tea leaves.

A photo of the workers cutting tea leaves at the fields in Cameron Highlands. Nowadays they help themselves with machines to accelerate the process.⠀
Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.
Worker Collecting Tea Leaves In Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

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    • Hi, I hope you make it next time you are in Malaysia, it is a beautiful place. Que bueno que te gustaron mis fotos, muchas gracias!

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