The beautiful city of Antalya | Top Historical Places to Visit

The beautiful city of Antalya is nested on a gorgeous cliff in the Gulf of Antalya in the Mediterranean Sea. It rests near the Taurus Mountains. When I last traveled there, I was so surprised by not only the beauty of the land but the friendliness of the people.

My favorite things to eat included dishes served with fried eggplant, peppers, and fresh fish. I would wine and dine while watching the beautiful sunset on the beach. Nothing’s better than a great appetizer with assorted nuts, pistachios, and olives!

There is a huge contrast between the sea and the Taurus Mountains. The bays are charming, and some of them can only be reached by boat! This really adds to the preservation of this unspoiled nature, which is stunning to look at.

On a hot and humid August morning, I found it to be the perfect temperature for taking a bath and a soak on one of the beautiful beaches. While most of the beaches are lined with pebble stones, they didn’t seem to bother me at all. The water was very calm, and it was clear enough for me to go snorkeling.

Are you looking to combine a beach holiday with an adventure that’s rich in historical value? Here are some of the top landmarks to visit in Antalya to make this the perfect destination for you:

– The prehistoric caves of Karain, on the limestone slopes of Mount Katran, are just 30km from Antalya proper.

– The Kesik Minaret Mosque is located in walking distance of old town. You can see all of the different time periods with different architectures and buildings from around the world. First, it was a Roman temple, and then later it was taken over by Byzantine and then Orthodox cultures, totally changing the structure.

– The small Iskele Mosque may be tiny, but it is grand in history. It was build in the late 1800s and it is surrounded by gorgeous tropical plants.

– The red tower: This mysterious and beautiful tower was built in 1226 by Ebu Ali Reha during the Kaikubad Sultan era. It was built to defend the port. Of course, red bricks decorate the walls, giving it its name.

– Yivli Minare is a 38m-high minaret built with red bricks. This is the picturesque symbol of the city. It has mosaics and tiles lined throughout. It was built in the remains of a Byzantine church during the time of the Sultan Seljuk Aladdin Keykuba.

– Theater of Aspendos: A beautiful Roman theater, this theater is extremely well preserved. It was built in 155AD by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. It contains an International Opera and Ballet Festival every year. You can even see famous operas in there from time to time.

– Hadrian’s Gate: Famous from Roman history, this gate was built to honor Emperor Adriano when he visited in 130 AD. If you love taking pictures, you’ll certainly fall in love with this place.

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