My beautiful trip to Arequipa and the Colca Canyon.


In October when I was living in Lima, I had the opportunity to visit Arequipa and the Colca Canyon, I flew with Lan Peru, the flights for residents and Peruvians are cheaper, and so far I have not had any problems with Lan, I have flown before with Star Peru as well and these two, for me, seem to be the two most reliable Peruvian airlines.

We left from Lima to Arequipa very early, “The White City”; it is aptly named this way because it is largely built from ashlar, which is a white volcanic stone. Arequipa is the second largest city in Peru, with over one million inhabitants.

We arrived at Arequipa and I had asked our hotel to send a reliable taxi to pick us up; I do this almost every time,

because I do not like wasting time giving instructions about the route etc.

Our hotel, Posada Nueva España:

We arrived at our hotel, which I had found by using Trip Advisor; it had very good references and reviews and I thought the photos were charming, the price attractive and the location great.

They were waiting for us at the hotel and we were received with professionalism, they helped us with our bags and gave us the lay of the land, explaining how things worked.

At the entrance, there is a lovely courtyard; “Posada Nueva España” is an old,

welcoming mansion, just a 10-minute walk from the city center.

Breakfast was served on the beautiful terrace, with fresh juice, coffee, warm tortillas

and bread! We felt very comfortable in this hotel, so we stayed here before and after visiting Colca.

Posada Nueva España
Hotel Posada Nueva España

Lunch at Hatumpa restaurant:

The first day, just after leaving our things at the hotel, we decided to visit the city; the first thing we did was find a restaurant for lunch and the “Hatumpa” restaurant caught our eye.

It is half a block from the Monastery of Santa Catalina, where all the dishes are based on potatoes with some garnish (in Peru there are more than 4,000 varieties of potatoes and it would be difficult to try them all).

Foto: Restaurante Hatumpa Photo: Hatumpa restaurant



Monastery of Santa Catalina

After lunch we visited the Monastery of Santa Catalina; entry is neither free nor cheap but it’s worth it.  The convent is perfectly maintained, orderly, the plants and the trees that adorn the courtyards are beautiful and they pay a lot of

attention to every detail; you can take a guide to explain the history of the place; I had read a little about its history on the internet and I took many photos.

convento de santa catalina
Foto: Monasterio de Santa Catalina Photo: Monastery of Santa Catalina
Monasterio de Santa Catalina, Arequipa.
Foto: Monasterio de Santa Catalina Photo: Monastery of Santa Catalina

After visiting the convent, we went to the Museum of the Andean sanctuaries; it is not very big, the tour begins with a film, a documentary about how they found the Lady of Ampato known as Juanita the mommy or “The snow girl”. It was very interesting, but it was very cold in there and for the duration of the tour, you should carry something to keep you warm.

The museum is worth visiting. The Lady of Ampato was not on display since it was being restored.

Traveling to the Colca Canyon

On the second day, they picked us up early to go to our hotel near the Colca Canyon. The trip, in a Custer, was quite long and uncomfortable, but what we saw was spectacular; you should take breaks for photo shoots and acclimatize because you can really feel the height.

Foto: Mirador de los Andes, 4,910 m.s.n.m Photo: Lookout over the Andes, 4,910 a.s.l
Foto: Los colores de Los Andes. Foto: The colors of the Andes.

Yanque & Maca, two beautiful towns

Colca Canyon.
Foto: Maca, Arequipa. Photo: Maca, Arequipa.This town is near to the Colca Canyon.
Colca Canyon.
Foto: Muchacha con traje tipico y su Alpaca bebé en las calles de Maca, Arequipa. Photo: Girl wearing a typical suit and her Alpaca baby in the streets of Maca, Arequipa. We visited this place before the Colca Canyon.

We finally got to our Hotel, the Killawasi Lodge in Yanque, the hotel is in very good condition, the rooms have good heating and very comfortable beds and mattresses. It also has a serra style restaurant with a nice garden view.

The church of Yanque, Arequipa
The church of Yanque, Arequipa

The Condor, the biggest bird on earth:

On the third day, we were picked up from the hotel in Yanque to go to Colca and then return to the city of Arequipa.

We were lucky, we arrived at around 08:00 and the condors were flying over or as the locals like to say,

“they were doing their show”. The condors that get closer to people and are not afraid are the young ones, that are more curious; the adults keep their distance.

Foto: El condor saludando a los turistas en el Cañon del Colca Photo: The Condor greeting tourists in the Colca Canyon

The Colca Canyon, the world’s second deepest canyon in the world

Foto: Admirando El Cañon del Colca. Photo: Admiring the Colca Canyon.
colca canon
Foto: El Cañon del Colca Photo: The Colca Canyon

Arequipa city

After visiting Colca, we returned to the city of Arequipa, where we slept in the Posada Nueva España.

Foto: La ciudad de Arequipa Photo: The city of Arequipa
Foto: Tomando café en un balcón de la Plaza de Armas. Photo: Enjoying a coffee from a balcony at Plaza de armas.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this and I hope this helps you in planning your own trip; greetings and thanks for visiting my blog!

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. – Henry Miller

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    • Thank you so much, you are so lucky that you are going to Arequipa! I would love to come back, I am sure you will love this city. Have a wonderful trip to Peru.

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