Discovering Barranco one of the most romantic areas located in Lima | Tour by foot.

Founded in 1864, the district of Barranco turned into a popular beach resort and tourist site. Named after the amazing cliffs of Barranco, which help to divide up the beaches.

Upper class citizens of Lima would visit Barranco regularly for its amazing beach resort, especially after the introduction of the tram in 1858 (which is no longer up and running). Connecting the three areas of Lima, Chorrillos, and Barranco. This is a popular spot for visitors, with elegant bohemian streets, antique architecture and beautiful sunsets that provide couples with a romantic ambiance.

Below is a list of my all time favorite things to do in Barranco.

Take a picture of the Ermita:

Legend has it that the native fishermen who’d come and fish in the area had seen a bright light shining upon a cliff face, upon closer observation, realized that it was in the form of Jesus Christ on the cross. Therefore, considering it to be a holy place and erecting a magnificent cross on the land. Becoming an area of pilgrimage which was later the location for La Ermita

However, the church that was built there is in desperate need of repair and is closed to the public for safety reasons. Now there are flocks of birds which have decided to make its roof their home.

Stroll along The Bridge of sighs:

Connecting both sides of the ravine is a quaint wooden bridge. That was visited regularly by the famous singer Chabuca Granda during her years as a child. Therefore, inspiring her to create the song called “The Bridge of Sighs”, in honor of the beloved bridge. Legend has it that anyone who first gazes upon this particular bridge and crosses it while holding their breath, will have their heart’s desires fulfilled.

Walking guide to Barranco Lima Peru
The Ermita at the back left side and The Bridge of sights in Barranco.

Walk around the Bajada de Baños (The descending path towards the ocean):

Able to be reached on foot, the Costa Verde Beach is a beautiful sight to see. Back in 1896 there was funicular which ran until 1971, taking you directly to the beach. Unfortunately, it is no longer in existence. This is a place where you can walk around and check out the old styled houses and ranchos that have been transformed into restaurants and bars.

Bajada a los baños, Barranco.
Bajada a los baños, Barranco.
Walking tour in Barranco Lima Peru.
The bridge of sighs, Barranco-Puente de los suspiros en Barranco.
El mirador de Barranco, Lima Peru
Right: El Mirador, Barranco.

Enjoy the historic architecture of Barranco:

Well known for its Neo-Colonial housing structures, there are many old mansions and houses for you to admire. Some of which have been turned into cafes, restaurants and bars, one could say that they are quite colorful.

Many of the old structures received fire damage during the Chilean War, which includes The Ermita and the Bridge of Sighs. Some were even totally destroyed after the earthquake of 1940. However, most of them were able to be fully restored.

Colorful houses in barranco, Lima Peru
Colorful houses in barranco, Lima Peru

Take a romantic walk at sunset on the beach’s boardwalk.

The beach boardwalk, Barranco, Lima-Peru.
The beach boardwalk, Barranco, Lima-Peru.
The beach boardwalk, Barranco, Lima-Peru.
View of the Pacific Ocean, Lima-Peru.

Stop by the Contemporary Art Museum:

I simply love strolling through the beautiful gardens here, and afterward grabbing a quick bite to eat at the restaurant.

Check out the Mario Testino Museum-MATE:

Named after the famous Peruvian photographer, this museum is located in an old house that’s been totally renovated. The museum features numerous of Mario’s amazing portraits, including those of Princess Diana and Madonna.

Shop at the Dedalo Gallery:

Here you can not only browse through the many Peruvian art exhibits, you also have the chance to purchase them as well. There are a lot of high quality souvenirs in which to buy.

Enjoy some lunch at the Bar Juanito:

Situated in a quaint old house, providing you with the perfect ambiance and their food is out of this world. My personal favorite is the Ceviche.

Visit the Elegant Casa Pedro de Osma:

It is an art museum and an impressive house built in 1906, it used to be the summer residence of the Osma-Berkemeyer family.

Drink a Pisco Sour at Ayahuasca bar:

Ayahuasca bar is a place specialised in Pisco-based drinks (it is only opened at night and minors are not allowed). The decoration y colourful and it is located in an old beautiful house.

Drink some Coffee at Tostaduria Bissetti:

Here you can taste different types of Peruvian Coffee.

Best things to do in barranco lima peru
Colorful architecture in Barranco, Lima Peru.
best things to do in barranco lima peru
Left: Bajada a los baños, this path will take you directly to the beach. Right: The neo-colonial architecture in Barranco.

best things to do in barranco lima peru

The beach boardwalk, Barranco, Lima-Peru.
Charming Cafes in Barranco, Lima-Peru.

I hope you enjoyed this article, I used to live in Miraflores and go on foot to Barranco, I think that if you visit Lima it is a place that you should not miss. Thank you very much for visiting my blog, I am looking forward to your comments!

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