Between flavours and temples in Bangkok – Short Travel Stories.


Bangkok; I dodge motorbikes, tuk-tuks and a man driving his truck full of food so he doesn’t run me over. I feel that walking in this place will be quite a feat! There’s a smell of a mix of Asian spices, ginger and fry. When reaching the market, the ladies who sell food smile kindly and try to convince me to buy one of their dishes. I can see some lacquered ducks hanging, a stand that only sells perfectly chopped fruit, packaged in transparent plastic sachets, huge woks with different ingredients browning in the oil over the fire. I have to admit that I had never tasted most of these dishes; I would need an entire trip just to do that.

There was a gentleman in his coffee stand, in a corner, and he had a good machine and several specialties and for a moment I felt like I was in a bar in Rome. I sat down at one of the few free tables left, I took one of the most delicious lattes I have tried lately and talked to the owner, a Thai man from Bangkok. He talked a little bit about his business and passion for coffee and he also told me about how the coffee stalls in Bangkok had proliferated and that today there was more demand and more competition than before.

I enjoyed every sip as I watched people go by. It is decided, I will eat a Pad Thai, but first, some coffee!

My trip continued doing what most tourists do, visiting the temples.

Bangkok is a city that stands out because of its temples. Most of the ones I visited were in very good condition. Wat Pho “The Temple of the Reclining Buddha” was one of those worth visiting. Upon entering it I felt that I was in a place where harmony reigned.

Although there were many people, this did not stop me from being able to visit each corner with ease.

It seems that the visitor’s behavior changes when entering this place and they all respect each other’s space without making noise, which I appreciate a lot.

Bangkok is one of those cities where something happens around every corner, it is in constant movement, cars and tuk-tuks transiting the city. It is a mixture of skyscrapers, markets, and street stalls.

The best juices made on the spot, a vitamin boost with ice, help me better cope with the heat and continue discovering this interesting city.

Everywhere in the world, they should sell and eat as much fruit as they do in Bangkok!

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Spices in China Town.
Bangkok, Thailand.
Parking of tuk tuks in Bangkok, Thailand.
Travel stories in Bangkok, Thailand.
Visiting Chinatown in Bangkok, Thailand.


Travel stories in Bangkok, Thailand.
Lunch time in Bangkok, Thailand.
Travel stories in Bangkok, Thailand.
Wat Pho the Temple of the Reclining Buddha in Bangkok, Thailand.
Travel stories in Bangkok, Thailand.
Lady frying some sea food at her street stall in Bangkok, Thailand.
Travel stories, Bangkok, Thailand.
A modern city, Bangkok, Thailand.



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