Why Bali Is a Popular Vacation Spot: Top 11 Reasons to Visit Bali.

1. Climate
One reason that Bali draws in so many visitors every year is because of its beautiful weather. Especially during the dry season, between the months of May and September. That’s when the dry season takes place. An odd thing happened to me during my expedition through Bali. Even though it was the month of August, I was caught in a torrential downpour. Then on my return trip in October, there were bright sunny skies. I guess it’s just the luck of the draw!

2. The Elegant Cuisine
Bali is also known for having exquisite foods in which to delight your taste palates with. Depending on your own personal preference, they serve up dishes that are spiced just right or tamed down a bit. Most of the meals feature rice along side of fresh vegetables, pure lean meats or wild-caught seafood. However, for those of you who’re vegetarian or vegan, there are special menus for you as well! They’ve something to suit everyone’s taste. Despite the fact that they cater mainly to the local Hindu society, you can still find something that’s up to your standards. Such as one of their various beef based dishes.

3. The Amazing Beaches
A great beach that’s ideal for taking the family in Bali, is Nusa Dua. With amazing coastal scenery and numerous local resorts, it’s such a sight to behold. If you’ve always wanted to try a hand at surfing, stop on by the Padang Padang! Where you’ll find nice, calm waters! The ideal conditions for those novice surfers out there. Located on the North side, is Lovina Beach. Walk along the black sandy beaches which is a natural process that occurs from volcanic erosion. For an amazing time scuba diving and/or snorkeling, look no further than Tulamben Beach.

4. The Welcoming Nature
The local Indonesians are very friendly and openly welcome visitors to the area. Since tourism is a major source of income for them, most Bali natives speak some English!

5. The Geographic Location
Bali is an inviting place with different kinds of terrains and jungle forests. It also has breathtaking sea views as well as. Making this island an enchanting place to visit. In the northern region, the temperatures tend to be pleasantly cool with a wonderful and constant breeze blowing. The luscious green foliage is amazing to gaze upon. While there, you can take a stroll through the coffee plantations, rice fields and crops of strawberries.

6. The Religious Sights & Rich Culture
The island of Bali is filled with a diversity of religions, mainly consisting of both Buddhist and Hindu. Every morning the local native Balinese people place a small package of rice in respect for the Gods. Did you know that it’s a common tradition among them to sleep facing the direction of a nearby volcano? It is their own personal belief that the positive spirits live within the mountains and those which are considered to be evil reside in the sea. Therefore, making sure their feet are facing in that direction. You have numerous holy temples and shrines to visit. Such as the popular Ulun Danu Beratan. Otherwise known as “The Temple on the Lake” which is also printed on the 50,000 rupee note.

7. The Hotels & Accommodations
There’s plenty of accommodations suited for everyone’s taste and budget. You can even rent a personal villa equipped with a private swimming pool. Try staying in one of the many 5-star hotels in the area. Such as, the Grand Hyatt in Nusa Dua, Viceroy Bali in Ubud or Rimba Jimbaran. There is also a vast amount of hostels as well, like the Canggu Beach Hostel.

8. Being Treated Like Royalty
Get the royal treatment in one of their numerous spas. You can expect to get a Balinese massage and take a luxurious bath in water filled with rose petals & aromatic oils. Quaintly decorated in authentic Balinese style, providing the perfect balance with nature. In their architecture, they use wood, stone, and bamboo. Keeping up with the local Hindu tradition. For a more economical alternative take a massage at the beach, which is available to you for only $10 an hour.

9. For Taking Photographs
Bali is a great place to take some amazing pictures. This is why so many newlyweds choose Bali for their wedding photographs. It has the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen! Plus, all of the jungles and mountainous areas create a romantic atmosphere for lovers.

10. The Eco-Tourism
Surrounded by rainforests and rice fields, Ubud is a great place to practice meditation & yoga and visit one of the various spas there. While there visit the famous Art Market. As well as, the many restaurants and cafes. Offering locally grown organic foods which help create revenue for the natives.

11. For the Convenience
The sky’s the limit, you have the ability to develop your own itinerary. Which can include renting a personal taxi cab to ride through the island. I absolutely loved stopping off on the side of the road to purchase some beverages and take some pictures. It averages about $55 for an hour of travel time. Remember to be specific about your itinerary when scheduling the ride.

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Top 11 Reasons to Visit Bali
Photo: Angela’s corner.
Top 11 Reasons to Visit Bali
Bali-Twin lakes. Photo: Angela’s corner.
Why Bali Is a Popular Vacation Spot: Top 11 Reasons to Visit Bali
Lovina beach. Photo: Angela’s corner.
Top 11 Reasons to Visit Bali
Lovina Beach. Photo: Angela’s corner.

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