Eating cheap and healthy while traveling in Japan and where to get good affordable coffee.

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Japanese food is excellent and delicious (I love it!), there is no doubt about it, but during my recent trip, I realized that some meals like the Tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet) and tempura (deep-fried vegetables or seafood) are very caloric and have a lot of oil, and my body was asking me for more healthy meals.

Here are some tips for eating healthy in Japan:

Avocados were my best friends! Avocados in Japan are delicious, big, and most of the times they are also ready to eat, here in Singapore I have to buy them at the supermarket very hard and wait at least a week to eat them. I was staying at an Airbnb and I made sure to visit the supermarket to buy some avocados for my breakfast, they were so big that one avocado was enough for three people! they tasted very good even with no salt.


Ootoya is a food chain that I found in many places in Tokyo, they have a selection of set meals which most of the times comes with a miso soup, salad, and rice. What I loved was that they had the option of choosing between brown and white rice, it is difficult to find brown rice in Japanese restaurants. They had a set which included a good variety of vegetables, this is perfect for vegetarians and the prices are very affordable.

Tokyo healthy food


If you would like to eat Italian food, Saiseriya is a restaurant chain that you can find in many places in Japan especially in Tokyo, most of them are strategically located near train stations. What I like about this place, is that they use olive oil, good tomato sauce and they have salads as well. My favorite dish was a pasta dish made with broccoli, this dish is typical from the south of Italy, the focaccias are very tasty as well and I like the sauteed spinach. Most of the times you have to write your name down at the counter, there is a waiting list at the door but the queue goes very fast.

Kitchen origin:

Origins is a takeaway food chain which has a variety of salads, fish and also set meals. They offer also some nice musubi (rice balls) and they have also some seats available where you can enjoy your meal, ask them to warm your food up, they will do it for you, or just buy some snacks or a bento box to eat at your hotel or accommodation. My favorite dish was the Shrimp broccoli salad.

About the coffee:

In Tokyo, we walked a lot, which I really enjoyed but I was also looking for a place where I could drink a good coffee for a reasonable price and take a break of all that walking. Starbucks is great but if you go regularly it can add up to your daily costs.

Caffe Veloce Is a Coffee chain which I have found in many areas of Tokyo, it has a retro sphere which I like a lot, most of the guests where locals, the coffee is great, a Latte was around 280 yen ($2,6) and a espresso was around 180 yen.

They have very nice sandwichs as well, the chairs are comfortable and they have separate rooms for smokers. There are 210 locations nationwide!.




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