Plan your itinerary to Paracas, Peru – Discover the beautiful desert and visit the Ballestas islands.

Paracas itinerary

Paracas is situated in Peru, about 260km from Lima on the south which is located in Pisco province. Every year Paracas records thousands of visitors visiting as tourists. The National Reserve of Paracas homes quite a huge variety of sea lions penguins and birds. Limeños who are residents of Lima Peru’s capital as well love this place from its proximity which makes it best hangout for weekends.

Here is a list of the best things to do in Paracas:

Visiting Julio C. Tello Museum

This a museum which features great archaeological utensils and pieces of different varieties of the culture of Paracas. However, this is a rebuilt museum after it’s demolished in 2007 by an earthquake.

The museum is opened from Tuesday through Sunday as from 9 am to 5 pm in the evening with an entrance charge of 7.5 Peruvian soles.

Ballestas Islands Tour

You cannot afford to miss a boat ride alongside the beautiful Ballestas Islands. The Humboldt Current which is a cold water current from the Antarctic makes the marine ecosystem incredible.

It’s in this area that you will come across many Guano-birds. Guano is made using bird droppings and then used to fertilize soils and it is also globally exported. For quite some years, Guano is a major resource in Peru.

The Humboldt Penguin will also be seen around which is among the endangered species from climate change, overfishing and destruction of the bird’s habitat.

You will also get to see many Sea Lions, the younger Sea Lions are not any afraid and also tend to be curious to an extent of coming close to motor boats. Dolphins also live in this area and the lucky ones will get to see them.

The tourist motor boats in this area have their routes marked and strictly they respect the animal’s habitat and space and it’s also forbidden to come out of the motor boats. This island tour goes for like two hours starting at 8 am. Each person is charged approximately forty Peruvian soles.

Best things to do in paracas peru

Paracas Peru best things to do

Paracas Peru best things to do

Paracas Peru best things to do

Touring The National Reserve in Paracas:

The cathedral

This is a formation of a rock which unfortunately got destroyed partly by 2007 earthquake. The place’s name comes from the shape which reminds of a cathedral dome.

The candelabra

This Geoglyph resembles a Candelabra shape, with 170 meters extension and 1.2 meters depth. This is related to the Nazca lines with the lines remaining as intact after all those years with the region’s strong winds.

Paracas Peru best things to do

Dune buggy and sand-boarding

It’s really fun riding in the desert at quite high speeds as you climb the desert’s sand dunes. There are drivers available for such who are very much aware of the desert knowing each dunes’ shape. Sandboarding It’s quite easy as well as fun even if you have never done it. This tour last like for two hours with sunset and afternoon making the best moments.

Paracas Peru best things to do

There are some things you should beware of before going to Paracas. Such include:

How to get there:

By bus from Lima: It takes about three and half hours with Cruz Sur featuring comfortable chairs, a personal screen for the movie selection you want and lunch. Cruzero is my best-preferred bus category. It leaves from Javier Prado Avenue which is easy to reach by taxi from San Isidro and Miraflores. The cost is approximately $22. Visit Cruz del Sur website for exact prices and timetables.

By car from Lima: Take the Panamericana highway and drive up to “km 245” then drive through Pisco city, from Pisco follow the indications to Paracas. It will take about three and half hours from Lima.

The climate:

Paracas has sunny and pleasant weather throughout the year. During the nights, a light sweater would do as there might be some wind.

Where to stay:

There are many Hotels available in different categories: Budget category hotels include Santa Maria Hostel. Medium category features bamboo lodge Hotel in Paracas and the Luxury category includes Hilton resort Double Tree and also Paracas Hotel.

The food:

Ceviche- is a delicious meal served around which you should not fail to savor. It is a typically made dish which comprises of white fish pieces curated inside lemon juice then mixed with Peruvian peppers and onion. It is then served with toasted corn, kernel large corn, and sweet potato.

Carapulcra- is another dish which comprises of dry potatoes, pork meat, and peanut sauce.

Also try the delicious Pisco Sour, Peru’s national cocktail, made of lime juice, egg white, angostura bitters, ice, and Pisco.

Have you ever been to Peru? I would love to read your comments.

Paracas Peru best things to do

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